Monday, January 4, 2010

I never knew that someone so excited about moving to Anaheim and starting the Disney College Program could be such a procrasinator!

I swear I have about a hundred things to take care of in the next 6 days and I've hardly started on any of it. All I really want to do is just be lazy and visit with all the people I won't see for awhile.

I guess I could get up and get some shopping done...I do need some more business clothes and new pillows to sleep on.

*sigh* 6 days, it seems surreal doesn't it?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Welcome To Our Family Time

If it were possible to be fired for being a bad blogger I would have been fired a long time ago. The lack of updates comes down to this: Life has been crazy busy with the change over of jobs, school coming to an end, the holidays, church and spending time with my loved ones! To keep everyone up to date on what's been going on I have two long blog entries for you! The Disney update & the Life In General update.

World of Disney
As the days are flying by in a warp speed blur, my arrival at Disneyland's gates is now only 30 days away. Crazy, right? I think I'm still in denial that I am finally moving out. The thought of going out into the world entirely on my own for more than 3 days at a time is terrifying. Just as soon as I try taking my mind off of it, I wind up with e-mails in my inbox from Disney. Don't get me wrong, I am WAY excited, but at the same time it still feels very bittersweet. My family members get sad whenever I bring the subject up, so that does not help! =)

The e-mails are coming in rapid fire these days. At first it was one e-mail every two weeks or so, now the e-mails are every 3 to 4 days. Here's a rundown on the different e-mails I have received to date!

Welcome- Just a welcome to the family type e-mail. No new info, just rehashing of old information!

"Dear Kira,
We are so excited to have you as part of the Disney College Program Class of 2010! To prepare for your arrival, we're going to be sending you some e-mails that contain valuable information. Be sure to read them and check out the Web site at to keep you in-the-know about your upcoming experience. We hope you're getting excited and can't wait to see you here! "

The Disney Look-A reminder about how I will have to conform to the 'Disney Look' guidelines while participating in the program. It included a cute little video discussing what we can and can't wear and how we should wear our hair, jewelry etc.. This part is tough for a lot of people who don't like to go with the typical, conservative American business woman or man look in their lives. I don't mind it, although I wish they would allow Cast Members an opportunity to dress a little more fashionable than they do right now. Here's a peek at what you would have to look like if you were a Disney Cast Member:

Having a Natural Hair Style and Color.
If hair color is changed, it must be natural-looking. If hair is highlighted, the highlights must be very subtle, well-blended with the rest of the hair and distributed evenly over the entire head. If highlights are not well-blended, if "roots" are visible or if the overall style or color does not appear natural, it will not meet the Disney Look guidelines. It will be your responsibility to change the color and/or style before beginning work.

Facial Hair
For gentlemen, being clean shaven and fully within the guidelines regarding facial hair.

Body Piercing
Removing all body piercings (including cartilage piercings and tongue rings).

If you have tattoos that will not be covered by your costume (i.e. on you hand, wrist, neck, etc.), you will be required to purchase makeup designed for tattoo coverage and use this makeup at all times to cover your tattoo.

Room mate Connection- A message that included information on how we can request our room mates prior to our arrival at Disney! In order to request room mates (if you have chosen room mates via Facebook groups or other ways), you and your room mates all have to be arriving and departing on the same date, be the same gender, and all either be over 21 or under 21. That means no co-ed and those over the age of 21 can not room or live with those under 21 for obvious reasons. I have found two other girls via facebook to room with! One is from New Orleans & the other from Laguna Beach. Both girls have worked with Disney in the past and are pretty serious about the program, they're not there to screw around and get kicked out. That was my only requirement for anyone rooming with me! We are still on the look out for one last room mate though!

***Update: As of Friday Dec. 11, I am officially room mates with the two girls I mentioned above. We were unable to find a 4th room mate by the deadline, so unless Disney places us with a random 4th person, we will all be sharing a 1 bedroom apartment. I'm fine with that, I'll probably hardly be around the apartment much anyways!

Living Experience- A rundown and reminder about how I will be signing my life (& paycheck) away to Disney. It includes a look at the 'fee' requirements and an agreement that CP's have to sign during the on-boarding process!

Securing Renter's Insurance- Some suggestions about how we should find and get renter's insurance before our arrival. Renter's Insurance is actually mandatory to have for the DLR program. I haven't heard of participant's for the Walt Disney World program having to go through this process!

Background and On-Boarding Paperwork- Two .pdf files of paperwork that I have to fill out and submit to Disney by monday dec. 14th via fax. It helps speed up the process so that the CPers don't have to wait for background checks to go through the day of check-in.

Fuel Up- An overview on parking terms and agreements for the city of Anaheim. *Yawn*

Education Information- a lot of people have asked me what kind of classes Disney offers and what I'll be taking while I'm there. This e-mail covered the information for classes that Disney will be offering while I'm in the program, all information that can also be found on their website. Here is the information for those that remain curious =)

There are two collegiate courses offered:

Corporate Analysis-This course provides an organizational exploration of The Walt Disney Company and covers a variety of topics including its corporate history, structure, governance, performance and culture. In addition, students will learn more about our Company's concepts around innovation & technology, globalization, history & heritage, community responsibility and diversity & inclusion

Marketing You-Through participation in this course, students learn how to market their skills of communication, customer service, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-management and creative thinking. Key elements include the development of a career focus and a personal marketing plan that encompasses the creation of a cover letter, résumé and networking strategy. The students will also learn interviewing and negotiation techniques.

(Both of these courses sound really good and I can not decide which to take, I'm leaning more towards marketing you though!)

Professional Development Study courses:

The Business of Show Business-Participants will have the opportunity to explore how specific organizational units are managed and "world-class" Guest Service provides magical memories.
Topics include but are not limited to:
Theme Park Operations
Lodging Management
Food and Beverage Management
Human Resources

Leadership Speaker Series-a lecture series which will provide Disney College Program Cast Members with the opportunity to gain insight from executives at the Disneyland® Resort (Vice Presidents and Senior Directors) from a variety of lines of business. All sessions will feature Disneyland Executives speaking about their roles and how they manage their careers. Participants will:
gain valuable career management pointers and advice
listen to personal and professional stories
learn about each leader’s individual career path
engage in question and answer sessions

There are also Academic Field Experiences that college programmers can sign up to attend throughout the program. The field experiences are tours and behind the scenes looks at different locations/attractions at the Disneyland Resort, as well as tours at places like the BURBANK STUDIOS and WALT'S APARTMENT.

Can we all guess what I'll be signing up for and doing the most on my program? lol!

So that is all what's new in the world of the Disney College Program. Quite a bit of information, isn't it? But really it isn't complicated!

I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. I can't explain it! There is so much to get done in the next 30 days, but all I want to do is take a breath, sit back and enjoy everything that's going on in my life right now. Christmas is right around the corner and I haven't even had the chance to really go shopping for gifts!

As soon as I get the chance I'll publish my life in general update, I promise!

I hope the holiday season is going well for everyone. Remember in all of this chaos to take a few moments and take the opportunity to appreciate all that you have to be thankful for in life, even the small things =) Put on some Christmas music, sip a cup of hot coco and enjoy it. The season will be over again before we know it!

much love

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty Paper Boxes Tied With Bows

Christmas is coming up soon, which means moving away soon after, and ever since I found out that I would be moving to Anaheim I've been trying to think of what things I will need for the apartment. This has been a very daunting task.

As of right now, I don't own very much other than the clothes, movies, jewelry and books in my room. I DO own my own mickey mouse toaster, dvd player & TV though! So... over the past 6 years I haven't been very good at collecting things that I will need when I move out. The easiest way to collect all of these things is to put them on my christmas wish list this year. I mean really...who else do you know that would get SUPER excited to find a CROCKPOT under the tree? A SEWING KIT in their stocking? Not very many people that's for sure lol!

Below are two different lists, the first is a list of what is being provided in the apartment by Disney, the second is my wish list. The wish list keeps growing as I think of more and more everyday things that I'll need to survive and make my apartment feel a little more like home. Then again, if I wind up not getting anything off the list and in turn I get to spend loads of time with the ones I love most for Christmas you won't hear any complaints from me! =)

Things Provided:

Dresser & Mirror
Twin Beds

Dining Room & Kitchen
Table with 4 chairs
Pots & Pans
Mixing Bowl set
Measuring cups & cutting board
Can Opener
Cutting Knife
Tea Kettle
Serving Spoons
Cookie Sheets
Dinner Plates
Cereal Bowls
Drinking Glasses
Coffee Cups
Eating Utensils

Shower Curtain & Wastebaskets

Living Room
End Table

Refrigerator with ice maker
Stove & Oven
Washer & Dryer combination

Things I Need:
Mattress Topper (Memory Foam or Down Alternative)-Twin
Bed Risers
Under Bed Storage
Down-Alternative comforter in Blue (not bright), Black or White-Twin or Full
First-Aid/Emergency Kit
Basic Sewing Kit
Cheese Grater
Casserole Baking Dishes
George Forman Grill (Small)
Crock Pot (4 qt.)
Iron & Table Top Ironing Board
Small counter top spice rack
Cleaning Supplies (possibly a swiffer/broom/mop as well) I hear muffles of laughter coming from my family right now, most of my list consists of kitchen and cooking items. Moving out does crazy things to you and I fully intend on cooking as much as I can while I'm away. I don't want to live on top ramen and microwave meals for the next year or more. So if your considering contributing to my cooking attempts *bats eyelashes* =) , I would prefer the items to be in black and stainless steel. The kitchen in the apartment is very earthy toned with black and stainless steel appliances, so my inner color coordination obsession simply can not handle mismatched kitchen items.

Humor me here alright? ;)

Speaking of Christmas & lists, the greatest time of year is right around the corner! I need to start working on my shopping list for all my family members. So what's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year?

Monday, October 26, 2009

My farewell letter to the Guard

I wanted to share this letter with you all. I announced my departure from the Tahquitz Colorguard today to the band director and my girls. After a LONGGGGG wait, I feel a bit relieved now that it's over with. I didn't announce it earlier to them because I wanted to make sure everything was solid and set in stone before I did. I don't think I've ever heard a room full of teenage girls be so quiet or seen as many tears as I did today. Broke my heart =(

I hope my girls realize how important they are to me and had it not been the experience I gained from working as their instructor I probably wouldn't have made it into the college program. I gained so many life lessons that helped me grow and learn professionally and personally, I can not thank them enough. Anyways here is the letter I wrote to them, it came straight from the heart and I cried my eyes out while writing it. Grab some might need it ;)

To all of my guard girls,

I wanted to take a moment to let you know, that it is with great sorrow that I will be leaving my position as your Color Guard Instructor at the end of December. I received an exciting offer for an Internship and position in the Disney College Program in Anaheim, CA. This position will help me further my education in college as well as provide me the opportunity to build a career within the Walt Disney Company.

I truly cherish every moment throughout the time that I have worked with you ladies. All of the laughter, tears of joy and dedication that you all brought to the team have made my experience a journey that I will never forget. You all have taught me so many valuable lessons in life; lessons that will help give me the confidence to take on the new challenges I face in the future. I am extremely proud to call Tahquitz Color Guard my team. Even though I will no longer be around to instruct, please know that you all will always be in my heart and mind.

Each one of you holds such a special talent and passion for this sport, I hope that you find it within you to continue on with the program and help take it to new heights. Color Guard is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. It is a place to build teamwork and leadership skills, make friends that will last a lifetime, and allow a place for you to PROUD of all that you have achieved. Don’t let this opportunity go!

From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all that you have done for the program and hope that you will trek on to be the amazing and successful team that I know you are. Without your help, I would not be able to stand here today and say that my time with the program has been a triumph and major accomplishment for Tahquitz High School history. If there is ever a time that you are in need of guidance or support, I am only a phone call away. I wish you all the very best of luck in the future. Just remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through.

Sincerely your #1 Fan,

Coach Kira

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ohh, That CLOCK!

"What a killjoy. I HEAR YOU, come on, get up you say! Time to start another day!"
Halloween is just around the corner. Where has the time gone? Next thing I know we will be packing up all of my things and checking in at Disney. Last saturday I paid off the some $800+ housing & program fee. You could say it was my first taste of the real world. That fee included first months rent, security deposit & the program fee that helps pay for housing events. Now that it's paid off, I am BROKE.
It's just under one month since I found out that I was accepted into the College Program, and its been almost two months since I actually applied. A little bit of the excitement has worn off. Don't get me wrong, I'm still SUPER excited to be going, but parts of my heart are just a bit sad as I count down the days until move.
I know, it's not like I'm moving to, as Jason said, Bangor, Maine. Anaheim is only a little over an hour away. While I'll have plenty of family and friends making day trips to visit me, it just won't be the same. But it feels like I'm leaving behind the only life I've ever known. Technically I am.
I was born and raised in Hemet. Hemet has been my home for 24 years, some of my good friends are still living here and a majority of my family lives here. When I leave in January I won't have much more time to spend with my brother before he leaves for the Navy in March. That makes me sad, as well as leaving behind all those fun filled days and nights I spent going on spontaneous adventures with my friends. There isn't much to do in Hemet and its amazing the things we all found to entertain ourselves with over the years. Not to mention that I am leaving behind my colorguard team, a wonderful group of kids that I've all 'adopted' as my own. So much laughter and memories are involved in this little town.
Of course I will meet new friends and have new adventures, but I don't think anything will ever top all of the time I've spent at home with my hometown friends and family. I was so eager to leave this town all the time and now I'm beginning to wonder why I ever wanted to leave in the first place. I'm already home sick just thinking about it!
What I am excited about though is getting to experience a new city, living on my own, working in the happiest place on earth and making dreams come true every day. I was checking out Anaheim's website and was making a mental list of things I want to do while I'm there. Going to sporting events like Angels & Ducks games, shopping in Gardenwalk, visiting the nearby beach, and just checking out the general happenings of the city are on the must-do list.
As the clock keeps ticking I'm finding myself busier and busier everyday. I should be starting back at the Disney Store soon for seasonal, which means school 4 days a week + 2 jobs, one in town one out of town. Temporary insanity is the only way to explain it. Althou I am excited to see and work with all of my Disney girls again. I've missed them. The money I earn at the Store goes straight into my 'emergency' fund for Anaheim living.
Groceries and gas will be taking their toll on my paychecks that will already be reduced by weekly rent, so I'm trying to save up as much as possible before I go.
I'll be requesting an area of the parks to work in next week. With the program you can't requst to work in certain stores or on certain rides, but you CAN request a certain area of the parks to work in. With Disney there are never any promises that they can fullfil your request though. But it's worth a shot! I won't find out what attraction/land/park I'll be calling home until check-in day! There's so many different and fun places that I would LOVE to work in at the parks, I just can't pick one. What do you suggest? If you got the chance to work in Attractions the parks where would YOU want to work? Help me decide! Leave me a comment with your answer =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes, you read that right! I WAS ACCEPTED! I will be joining the Disneyland Resort Cast in January as an ATTRACTIONS hostess! I've known about it since this past Wednesday when Disney called me to tell me I was accepted, but I wanted to wait until I had something to show for it!


Monday, October 5, 2009