Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But The Waiting Makes Me Curious...

It is now time to start counting down the hours to my phone interview, which is scheduled for Friday August 28 @ 4:30pm.

Just getting to this portion of the application wasn't all easy sailing though. When I last left the blog world I was excited about applying that day. Well, I did, but Disney didn't seem to think so.

Long story short there was a MAJOR glitch in the system for the Disneyland Resort College Program applications and I have a feeling I was the one that discovered this wonderful time consuming glitch as when I contacted disney no one I talked too understood what was going on or why it was happening.

Everything was going great as I logged in, pulled up my application (which apparently was still on file from the last time I applied), made a few minor changes and resubmitted it. Then onto the next step which was the Web based interview. Now you HAVE to pass this web interview in order to move on to the next step which is the phone interview. I logged out as the website told me to do then clicked on "Web Interview" just refreshed the application page. Ok...try again? I clicked OVER and OVER and OVER and even tried from different computers in the house. All of it ended in the same result. I couldn't get access to the web interview. At this point it was past 4pm pacific time and that meant the Disney Offices were closed. So I waited until tuesday morning, tried again to no avail and gave up, so it was time to call Disney.

The woman on the phone had no idea how to help me and said she would forward my issue to IT and they would contact me shortly. So a few hours go by and I hear nothing. I start to panic because I had yet to hear from them about the issue and it was nearing office closing time. I called AGAIN, got another cast member on the phone (this one wasn't too nice =( ) and she noticed that I had already called earlier and I told her yes and that I had not heard back from anyone yet. So I hung up with her and it wasn't two minutes later that I got a phone call from a much nicer CM by the name of Linda (she was awesome!). I explained what was happening again to her we tried to work it out via troubleshooting and still had no luck. On Disney's end everything about my application was saying "incomplete" and on my end I couldn't get ANYWHERE to complete it! After the phone call, I received an email from her telling me that she heard back from DLR IT Department and that they were working quickly to resolve the issue.

I woke up this morning and signed on, all prepared to have the same issue reoccur, but was pleased when I saw that the DLR application page HAD been updated, now complete with full instructions & a working link for the application.

I clicked on the almighty Web Interview button and ALAS it WORKED. I took a few deep breaths, gathered my thoughts, remained calm and began the interview. I flew through it rather quickly but was worried if I had scored high enough to make it through to the phone interview. Once I was completed I received a screen telling me that I had completed the interview and that the next step was to schedule the phone interview. I PASSED. I was on the phone with Disney Recruitment no more than 2 minutes later with my phone interview all scheduled and ready to go!

I even checked my email account after all that went down to find an awesome e-mail from Disney about the issue!

"Thank you for your interest in the Disney College Program at the Disneyland Resort.

Over the past few days, our application system has experienced intermittent technical challenges. We believe that you may have been impacted by some of these system difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.

Your application & role checklist have been received and you are ready to proceed to the Web-based Interview.

Again we apologize for the delay you may have experienced with your application."

There you have it, Disney Magic at it's finest folks! Never one to let customers or possible future employees down =)

All that's left to do is complete the phone interview and wait for a Accepted or Rejected from Disney.

Be paitent is very good advice...

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm late, I'm late!

Applications & the e-presentation for the DCP were posted online this past friday! That means it's time for college students around the world to start applying for the program!

I got all in a tizzy getting ready to apply on friday, but in all of my excitement I managed to remember ONE minor detail. I last applied for the program in late March and on the website they request that you apply only ONCE every SIX months. Enter panic mode...oh no does this mean I have to wait until almost october to apply? What if that makes me miss audition dates? If I applied in March that means I'm only on month 5...wait make that *counts on fingers*, yes 5 months! I can wait one month can't I? But what if my job options fill up quickly and what if it means I have tougher competition the longer I wait?!

You can share in the sense of frustration can't you? It was the weekend of frets, worries and nightmares. I tried calling the DCP call center on Friday but by the time I called it was too late and there was no one in the office. Thus the wait began. I watched all three presentations (Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, & Disney Careerstart) several times this weekend to help pass the time. Just a little over an hour ago I called up Disney once more, already fearing the fact that I was going to get a reply that told me I would have to wait another month to enter my application again.

A peppy, happy cast member answered the phone on the other line. I explained my situation and told the CM that although I GOT to the phone interview last time, I didn't get any further than question two before I was denied for not being enrolled in classes at the time of the interview. She informed me that, TECHNICALLY, because I hadn't formally completed the interview it was just as if I hadn't even applied! PRAISE THE DISNEY GODS THAT BE! I was eternally grateful for the news and the cast member was equally excited for me. She also made sure to make me aware of the new "extra step" that is required in the application process.

The program applicants for Walt Disney World now have to pass an online interview of sorts (this has been the policy for Disneyland Resorts all along). This online interview/questionaire is causing a bad buzz among the WDW applicants. Many people are not passing the online portion, therefor they are not being granted the phone interview. I thanked her for the information but told her I was applying for the DLR now WDW and that I was familiar with this simple process! She wished me luck and I skipped off to my car in the college parking lot knowing that I get to begin my journey!

So NOW that the application has been available for a few days I am a few days behind my own mental schedule. I originally was planning on applying the very day that the applications were posted, but today is better than any day! I'll now be spending my afternoon watching the e-presentation (again) and applying!


Friday, August 21, 2009

The Magic of the Disney College Program

"What is the Disney College Program?"

I've been asked this question so many times in the past four months that I quit keeping track. Before April of this year, I had NO idea what the DCP was. I've spent nearly my entire summer researching the program, doing everything from reading first hand experiences on discussion boards to watching vlogs on youtube from future, past & present CPers (College Programmers).

In a nutshell, the Disney College Program is a paid internship that offers personal and professional development classes by Disney, while gaining first hand work experience at the Disneyland Resort. The program started out in Walt Disney World in the 1980's but eventually opened its doors at the Disneyland Resort right here in Southern California. The program in Anaheim is much smaller then that of it's sister in Orlando, which makes getting in slightly more competitive and challenging.

There are three main components of the program which include "Living, Earning & Learning".

Housing is an option in the program where students can pay weekly to live in fully furnished apartments among 2-7 other room mates that are also in the program. In Anaheim, the furnishings includes the basic furniture found in a household including kitchen utensils and a washer/dryer in each apartment.

All of the participants in the program WILL receive pay based on the role (job) they are accepted in to. Role options include: Attractions, Costuming, Disney Desk, Quick/Full Service Food & Beverage, Guest Relations & Services, Character Performer, Retail etc...

Credit for college can be given to the student taking Disney courses if the college they are currently attending chooses to give them the credit. If obtaining credit through the current college is not an option there is ONE college that I know of that accepts it. Santa Ana Community College gives credit to students enrolled in the Anaheim program through a program called Mickey SAC. Once the courses have been completed & credit applied, students will receive a Certificate in Entertainment Management from SACC.

Once the program is completed, graduates of the program will be given the opportunity to apply for over 300 Professional Internships throughout all different branches of the Walt Disney Co.

If you are interested in the Disney College Program check out their website.

Why do I want to do the program?
Simply put, I would really enjoy taking a career path in the Walt Disney Co. and could possibly see myself working for the company in the long run. Those that know me fairly well are completely aware of how much I love Disney. I have auditioned several times for the park to no avail, particularly because of how extremely competitive the Entertainment roles are at the parks. I worked for The Disney Store in Temecula for just under two years, and loved NEARLY every moment of it. Ultimately the bills for gas, car maintenance and the low hours were killing me financially so I reluctantly quit. I still miss my co-workers, the work atmosphere and getting to take part in "creating the magic" everyday.

There are many other perks in the program that draw me in as well. Getting out of Hemet is a major one for me, as well as being able to live on my own, FINALLY =). Meeting new friends (!!) and getting the chance to network with Disney Executives is another big one for me. PLUS, why would I ever pass up the chance to work at Disneyland, my home away from home?! If so much of my money already goes into the company I may as well just work there! Of course there's those little things like Cast Member Discounts and Free Entry into the parks calling my name too ;)

If I get accepted for the Spring 2010 I would move to Anaheim in January 2010 and either extend the program come August 2010 for another 'semester' or apply for a Professional Internship. So come along with me on this roller coaster journey as I try to make it to Disney!
Nothing is impossible, just simply impassable!
See ya real soon