Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm late, I'm late!

Applications & the e-presentation for the DCP were posted online this past friday! That means it's time for college students around the world to start applying for the program!

I got all in a tizzy getting ready to apply on friday, but in all of my excitement I managed to remember ONE minor detail. I last applied for the program in late March and on the website they request that you apply only ONCE every SIX months. Enter panic mode...oh no does this mean I have to wait until almost october to apply? What if that makes me miss audition dates? If I applied in March that means I'm only on month 5...wait make that *counts on fingers*, yes 5 months! I can wait one month can't I? But what if my job options fill up quickly and what if it means I have tougher competition the longer I wait?!

You can share in the sense of frustration can't you? It was the weekend of frets, worries and nightmares. I tried calling the DCP call center on Friday but by the time I called it was too late and there was no one in the office. Thus the wait began. I watched all three presentations (Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, & Disney Careerstart) several times this weekend to help pass the time. Just a little over an hour ago I called up Disney once more, already fearing the fact that I was going to get a reply that told me I would have to wait another month to enter my application again.

A peppy, happy cast member answered the phone on the other line. I explained my situation and told the CM that although I GOT to the phone interview last time, I didn't get any further than question two before I was denied for not being enrolled in classes at the time of the interview. She informed me that, TECHNICALLY, because I hadn't formally completed the interview it was just as if I hadn't even applied! PRAISE THE DISNEY GODS THAT BE! I was eternally grateful for the news and the cast member was equally excited for me. She also made sure to make me aware of the new "extra step" that is required in the application process.

The program applicants for Walt Disney World now have to pass an online interview of sorts (this has been the policy for Disneyland Resorts all along). This online interview/questionaire is causing a bad buzz among the WDW applicants. Many people are not passing the online portion, therefor they are not being granted the phone interview. I thanked her for the information but told her I was applying for the DLR now WDW and that I was familiar with this simple process! She wished me luck and I skipped off to my car in the college parking lot knowing that I get to begin my journey!

So NOW that the application has been available for a few days I am a few days behind my own mental schedule. I originally was planning on applying the very day that the applications were posted, but today is better than any day! I'll now be spending my afternoon watching the e-presentation (again) and applying!


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