Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ohh, That CLOCK!

"What a killjoy. I HEAR YOU, come on, get up you say! Time to start another day!"
Halloween is just around the corner. Where has the time gone? Next thing I know we will be packing up all of my things and checking in at Disney. Last saturday I paid off the some $800+ housing & program fee. You could say it was my first taste of the real world. That fee included first months rent, security deposit & the program fee that helps pay for housing events. Now that it's paid off, I am BROKE.
It's just under one month since I found out that I was accepted into the College Program, and its been almost two months since I actually applied. A little bit of the excitement has worn off. Don't get me wrong, I'm still SUPER excited to be going, but parts of my heart are just a bit sad as I count down the days until move.
I know, it's not like I'm moving to, as Jason said, Bangor, Maine. Anaheim is only a little over an hour away. While I'll have plenty of family and friends making day trips to visit me, it just won't be the same. But it feels like I'm leaving behind the only life I've ever known. Technically I am.
I was born and raised in Hemet. Hemet has been my home for 24 years, some of my good friends are still living here and a majority of my family lives here. When I leave in January I won't have much more time to spend with my brother before he leaves for the Navy in March. That makes me sad, as well as leaving behind all those fun filled days and nights I spent going on spontaneous adventures with my friends. There isn't much to do in Hemet and its amazing the things we all found to entertain ourselves with over the years. Not to mention that I am leaving behind my colorguard team, a wonderful group of kids that I've all 'adopted' as my own. So much laughter and memories are involved in this little town.
Of course I will meet new friends and have new adventures, but I don't think anything will ever top all of the time I've spent at home with my hometown friends and family. I was so eager to leave this town all the time and now I'm beginning to wonder why I ever wanted to leave in the first place. I'm already home sick just thinking about it!
What I am excited about though is getting to experience a new city, living on my own, working in the happiest place on earth and making dreams come true every day. I was checking out Anaheim's website and was making a mental list of things I want to do while I'm there. Going to sporting events like Angels & Ducks games, shopping in Gardenwalk, visiting the nearby beach, and just checking out the general happenings of the city are on the must-do list.
As the clock keeps ticking I'm finding myself busier and busier everyday. I should be starting back at the Disney Store soon for seasonal, which means school 4 days a week + 2 jobs, one in town one out of town. Temporary insanity is the only way to explain it. Althou I am excited to see and work with all of my Disney girls again. I've missed them. The money I earn at the Store goes straight into my 'emergency' fund for Anaheim living.
Groceries and gas will be taking their toll on my paychecks that will already be reduced by weekly rent, so I'm trying to save up as much as possible before I go.
I'll be requesting an area of the parks to work in next week. With the program you can't requst to work in certain stores or on certain rides, but you CAN request a certain area of the parks to work in. With Disney there are never any promises that they can fullfil your request though. But it's worth a shot! I won't find out what attraction/land/park I'll be calling home until check-in day! There's so many different and fun places that I would LOVE to work in at the parks, I just can't pick one. What do you suggest? If you got the chance to work in Attractions the parks where would YOU want to work? Help me decide! Leave me a comment with your answer =)


  1. I would request anything that allowed me to give tours...that sounds so fun. But if I had to chose a specific LAND, I think I'd go with Fantasyland. I'm SO excited for you! How long will you be living there??

  2. Anaheim is wayyyyy better than Hemet any day (though GardenWalk? Not so much)