Monday, November 9, 2009

Pretty Paper Boxes Tied With Bows

Christmas is coming up soon, which means moving away soon after, and ever since I found out that I would be moving to Anaheim I've been trying to think of what things I will need for the apartment. This has been a very daunting task.

As of right now, I don't own very much other than the clothes, movies, jewelry and books in my room. I DO own my own mickey mouse toaster, dvd player & TV though! So... over the past 6 years I haven't been very good at collecting things that I will need when I move out. The easiest way to collect all of these things is to put them on my christmas wish list this year. I mean really...who else do you know that would get SUPER excited to find a CROCKPOT under the tree? A SEWING KIT in their stocking? Not very many people that's for sure lol!

Below are two different lists, the first is a list of what is being provided in the apartment by Disney, the second is my wish list. The wish list keeps growing as I think of more and more everyday things that I'll need to survive and make my apartment feel a little more like home. Then again, if I wind up not getting anything off the list and in turn I get to spend loads of time with the ones I love most for Christmas you won't hear any complaints from me! =)

Things Provided:

Dresser & Mirror
Twin Beds

Dining Room & Kitchen
Table with 4 chairs
Pots & Pans
Mixing Bowl set
Measuring cups & cutting board
Can Opener
Cutting Knife
Tea Kettle
Serving Spoons
Cookie Sheets
Dinner Plates
Cereal Bowls
Drinking Glasses
Coffee Cups
Eating Utensils

Shower Curtain & Wastebaskets

Living Room
End Table

Refrigerator with ice maker
Stove & Oven
Washer & Dryer combination

Things I Need:
Mattress Topper (Memory Foam or Down Alternative)-Twin
Bed Risers
Under Bed Storage
Down-Alternative comforter in Blue (not bright), Black or White-Twin or Full
First-Aid/Emergency Kit
Basic Sewing Kit
Cheese Grater
Casserole Baking Dishes
George Forman Grill (Small)
Crock Pot (4 qt.)
Iron & Table Top Ironing Board
Small counter top spice rack
Cleaning Supplies (possibly a swiffer/broom/mop as well) I hear muffles of laughter coming from my family right now, most of my list consists of kitchen and cooking items. Moving out does crazy things to you and I fully intend on cooking as much as I can while I'm away. I don't want to live on top ramen and microwave meals for the next year or more. So if your considering contributing to my cooking attempts *bats eyelashes* =) , I would prefer the items to be in black and stainless steel. The kitchen in the apartment is very earthy toned with black and stainless steel appliances, so my inner color coordination obsession simply can not handle mismatched kitchen items.

Humor me here alright? ;)

Speaking of Christmas & lists, the greatest time of year is right around the corner! I need to start working on my shopping list for all my family members. So what's on YOUR Christmas wish list this year?

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